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For centuries, Stained Glass has been used as a medium of art, expression and utility. When done right, this medium is one of the most impressive art form around.

Over the years, Stained Glass art forms have witnessed many transformations. However, the traditional style has constantly grown in popularity and has witnessed wider adoption than the other techniques. Some of the contributing factors for this popularity has been – (a) every creation is an unique work of art giving a touch of individuality to the creations (b) the option to choose from the widest variety of colors and designs which can then be used to create the desired art form (c) provides a great utility which lasts for decades and is repairable!!

We, at Madhu Glass Gallery, are involved in creating custom Stained Glass panels, lamp shades and sun-catchers, which can be used to beautify your office, living room, kitchen or study. Apart from adding a sense of color, the diffused sun-light provides an amazing ambience giving a sense of calm and comfort.

Stained glass objects have unlimited possibilities and utilities. Stained glass can be used to design domes, arches, door/window panels, lamp shades, pen stands, coasters etc.

We offer both pre-fabricated designs as well as custom designs. For creating custom designs, our designers help customers’ to create designs of their choice. This could many-a-times be an iterative process wherein our designers would make the design and in parallel, keep consulting with the customer to arrive at a final design. During this process, both, the complexity of design and the type of glass to be used are also finalized.

For pre-defined designs, we encourage customers to take look at sample designs kept in our studio, some of which are available online here. Upon request, minor changes can be accommodated in the pre-defined designs also.

Furthermore, we have built up a strong capability for developing new items in accordance with clients' customized and OEM requirements.

Our work is differentiated by the "quality of workmanship" and timely delivery. Every object is hand-crafted which makes every design a unique art work.

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