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  • Panels are generally made of Original American Stained Glass, Textured Glass, Water Glass  

  • The panels could be Transparent, Beveled, Colourful or Combination.

  • Panel includes Doorways, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Suncatchers, Arch etc.

  • The price depends on the Glass used, No of colours, No. of pieces in the design and Complexity of design


  • Lampshade can be made to any size and have any no of sizes.

  • The Lampshades could be Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Hanging and also could be Mounted on wall.

  • The Lampshades are priced according to their size and complexity.


Misc & Gift Items

  • Mirrors, clocks, bookstand, wall hanging, candle shade, photo frames etc. options are unlimited.
  • Any other idea is also welcome.

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